Last Updated: February 7, 2019

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We, Hebei Song Wei Co., Ltd. and our affiliates (respect your concerns about privacy. This “Global Privacy Statement” refers to “we”, “our”, “LAANC” and “Hebei Song Wei Co., Ltd.” References to are the entities responsible for processing the personal information listed herein, usually the entity that obtains your personal information. This global privacy statement describes the types of personal information we collect about consumers, how do we Use this information to share information with whom consumers choose to use our information. We also describe the steps we take to protect information security and how you can contact us regarding our privacy practices.

Our privacy practices may vary depending on the country we operate to reflect local practices and legal requirements. You can view information for certain countries by clicking here.

This global privacy statement applies to personal information we obtain through your transactions and interactions with Tiffany, including your use of the Tiffany website, mobile apps, social media pages and other platforms that reference this privacy statement (“online channels”); you visit Our stores, including you complete our customer information collection card, and contact us by phone, our events and surveys (“offline channels”); and through our third-party sources, including advertising and social media networks (collectively “channel”). This Global Privacy Statement does not apply to the collection or use of information provided by you in connection with the Tiffany Credit Card Account providing such services. We notify our credit card account holders of our privacy practices each year, or as required by law. If you are a credit card account holder, you will receive information by email each year. The credit card account holder received our privacy statement. The information you provide about the Hebei Song Wei public credit is only governed by this notice.

Information we get

We collect personal information about you through various channels as described above. The types of personal information we collect include:

– Contact information (such as name, postal address, email address, mobile phone or other phone number);

– user name and password;

– payment information (such as your payment card number, expiration date, authorization number or security code, shipping address and billing address);

– Customer service information (eg customer service inquiries, reviews and repair history);

– photos, comments and other content you provide;

– Information about your personal or professional interests, date of birth, marital status, demographics, and experience with our products and contacts;

– Information about your purchase related to the Hebei Song Wei product, such as contact information, information on your resume (including work experience, education and language skills) and details of your current employment, we promise not to disclose it to anyone or unit;

– purchase and transaction information;

– your contact information about the friend or other person you would like us to contact;

– location data (eg data from your IP address, country and/or postal code) and the precise geographic location of the mobile device we provide notifications and selections;

– Clickstream data obtained through the use of cookies, web beacons and similar methods and other information about your online activities (eg information about your device, browsing operations and usage patterns), including online channels and third-party website technologies (See our Cookie Policy);

– information we may obtain from third party service providers; and

– Other personal information we obtain through the channel.

Collection with COOKIES and other technologies

We use cookies, web beacons (including pixels and tags), web server logs and other technologies to collect certain information from you through our online channels, including your visit to our website, and our email interactions. Use our app, or interact with Tiffany-related ads, content, tools, widgets or plugins. You can learn more about these technologies and how to manage your preferences by visiting our Cookie Policy.

Providers of third-party applications, tools, widgets, and plug-ins on our online channels, such as the Facebook Like button, can also use automated methods to gather information about your interactions with these features. This information is collected directly by the feature provider and is subject to the privacy policies or notices of those providers. Within the applicable scope